Council Leadership Delivers on Culture Change

Posted by: caroline smith on 20 March 2024 17:04


South Tyneside Council's Leader has spoken out about improvements in the organisation's culture since 2020 following a Standards Committee Hearing into the conduct of the former Leader Mr Iain Malcolm.

When Cllr Dixon became Leader back in 2020, she made a commitment to work with the people of South Tyneside to bring about real and lasting positive change for the borough.

The Council has undergone a significant period of positive change since 2020, strengthening the Council's foundations, reflecting upon standards across the organisation and holding itself to account by inviting and welcoming external review, challenge, and support as part of its modernisation programme.

Leader, Cllr Tracey Dixon

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council said: "South Tyneside Council in 2024 is completely different to the organisation I took over in 2020. As a local authority we have faced significant challenges in achieving our vision for residents to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. From governance issues to cultural shortcomings, the need for transformation was evident.

"We have worked so hard to create a positive culture and to take the workforce on this journey with us.

"Of course, there is still some way to go and some specific issues in certain areas of the authority that need more focused attention - and we're working on that.

"We know from employee surveys that 95 per cent of responders feel trusted to do their job and 92 per cent are proud to work for the council.

"I can stand here today and say that with me as Leader, supported by an excellent workforce and team of dedicated Elected Members, South Tyneside has improved and will continue to do so."

The Council's culture change and progress has been well documented by peer teams from the Local Government Association.

The Council continues to engage with the workforce and make necessary and additional commitments address any concerns, where required.

The Council has strengthened its engagement with residents, businesses, and partners as well as increasing employee satisfaction year on year.

The Council has delivered on its commitment to increase openness and transparency with a new reporting structure to regularly review progress against its Ambitions. It gives a shared understanding of how the Council is doing, celebrating what it is good at and most importantly allows the Council to focus its efforts on those areas that need attention the most. Ultimately, leading to improved outcomes for residents

Furthermore, South Tyneside Council has secured millions of pounds in funding for the Borough and is in strong shape to move forward with significant transformational projects across all three towns.

Commenting on today's Standard's Hearing involving former South Tyneside Council Leader Mr Iain Malcolm, Cllr Dixon added: "It was really important that this investigation came forward and that it was heard and debated. The delays to bringing this Standards hearing forward were out of the Council's control, but we know that it was in the public interest for these matters to be heard."

"I never said we would change overnight but in the last few years we have worked at pace, to reshape South Tyneside Council. Improving officer and Member relationships, strengthening the constitution, and increasing transparency, challenge, and scrutiny.

"Change is never easy, but we have set out to create the right foundations for the Council and our communities to thrive. This has been a challenging period for the Council, but we have faced those challenges head on and will continue to do so. I am excited about where we are now and for the future of South Tyneside."

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