Fostering in the Frame

Posted by: Press Team on 26 September 2023 14:50

A new film to encourage more people to think about becoming foster carers has been  launched this week.

The film entitled Any of Us has been produced by a partnership of 80 local authorities - including South Tyneside Council - to promote local authority fostering.

The film highlights the fact that anyone who cares has the potential to become a foster carer. It looks at three very different people who all show some of the attributes needed to be a foster carer in incidents from their daily lives - Ayesha going to the aid of a pedestrian after a minor road accident, Neil calming down an aggressive situation in a snooker club and Marsha identifying a young person showing signs of distress and intervening with them at school. Different individuals in very different scenarios, but each in their own way showing the caring instinct that is fundamental to being a foster carer.

Councillor Adam Ellison, Lead Member for Children and Families' Social Care, said: "Local councils up and down the country are all calling for more foster carers so it made business sense to collaborate on a film with the same universal message.

"Fostering directly with your council means that you can support your local community by working with a fostering service that is dedicated to supporting local children and young people who need a nurturing, safe fostering home."

There is currently a shortage of 6,000 fostering households in England so it is hoped the film will encourage more people to take the first step towards fostering.

Claire Heslop who fosters with South Tyneside Council said: "Helping children to feel safe, loved and supported is my biggest goal. 

"This is possible as the training and support provided by South Tyneside Fostering Service gives us the knowledge, tools and network to help and support families and their children when it's needed the most. 

"The Mockingbird programme that South Tyneside offers is like a big family...there's always someone on the other end of a phone, a cuppa to chat over with fellow carers and days out all together. Support and encouragement for the good days and the harder days too!

"Helping a child reach their true potential and watching them thrive is the most rewarding experience, and I feel privileged to be a part of it."

The film can be viewed at

To find out more about fostering with South Tyneside Council visit or contact the fostering service on 0191 423 8500 or email

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