Support for Families in South Tyneside

Posted by: Press Team on 19 September 2023 10:54

As National Breastfeeding Week is marked this week, a South Tyneside mum has praised Family Hubs in the Borough for the support they provided on her breastfeeding journey.

Angel Puttock, 25 from Hebburn received help from the breastfeeding group at her local Family Hub as she was finding the sleepless nights difficult.

Mum-of-two, Angel said: "The support I received was very helpful as it was my first time breastfeeding. I was able to go to the group while still pregnant and the other mams gave me some great tips.

Cllr Ellison with Angel Puttock and daughter Mazikeen at Hebburn Family Hub
Cllr Ellison with Angel Puttock and daughter Mazikeen at Hebburn Family Hub

"I valued the support very much as it was such a lovely group to go to and get us out of the house. I have been able to help some other mams from the information I have gathered from going to the group. It made me more confident as a person, which has helped me challenge a tiny minority of people who don't approve of breastfeeding when  I'm out and about."

The Family Hubs provide access to a broad range of universal, targeted and specialist services offering high quality information, advice and support for families.

As part of the Start for Life programme, the Hubs offer better integrated services for families, young people and children from conception up to the age of 19 or 25 for those with additional needs.

A range of professionals and service providers, including midwives, health visitors, early help workers and adolescent workers are located at the Hubs to provide a one-stop-shop so that families need only tell their story once and help can be provided at the earliest opportunity.

The support on offer at the Hubs includes help with parenting, early language and home learning, infant feeding and parent-child relationships and underpins the Council's ambition for residents to stay healthy and well throughout their lives.

Councillor Adam Ellison, Lead Member for Children's and Families' Social Care, said: "Family Hubs are all about providing welcoming and valuable services to empower families to become confident and resilient.

"I am delighted that the Family Hubs are already making a difference to families in South Tyneside."

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