Funding Agreed for South Tyneside Communities

Posted by: Kaye Russell on 22 May 2023 16:02

South Tyneside Council is continuing its investment into addressing local community priorities.

Cabinet members have agreed funding totalling £1.510million to be shared across all five Community Area Forums (CAFs) for the current municipal year.

The money will be used to support a range of housing and environmental initiatives, providing neighbourhood solutions to issues that are raised by residents through their local ward members.

Councillor Joanne Bell, Lead Member for Governance, Finance and Corporate Services, said: "Our Community Area Forums play a key role in empowering communities. They give residents a voice on matters that affect their local area.

"We remain committed to continuing the investment in local neighbourhoods, to address matters that are important to our residents.

"More than £1.5m is being allocated to help meet priorities through a variety of worthwhile projects, from housing and environmental initiatives, and many of these will benefit the whole community."

Cabinet members agreed three CAF funding streams including Housing Capital, Environmental Capital and Local Neighbourhood Schemes.

Housing Capital and Environmental Capital schemes will support Council housing and related estate improvements and environmental projects, such as verge hardening and highways resurfacing.

The Local Neighbourhoods Scheme, which was introduced in 2021/22, will continue to support those initiatives that are not eligible for funding from the capital schemes.

These are typically smaller-scale environmental improvements, such as managing shrubs, bulb planting or fence painting. Consideration will also be given to applications from community-based groups and support for locally important social initiatives.

As in previous years, the funding allocated to each CAF under the Housing Capital Scheme is determined by the number of council homes in each Forum area, with individual Forums to consider how the funding is allocated at ward level.

Members also approved the allocation of almost £28,000 to every ward in South Tyneside for Environmental Capital improvements and almost £14,500 per ward for Local Neighbourhood improvements.


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