A183 Coast Road realignment

What we have done

We have moved a 500 metre section of this popular coastal road up to 24 metres inland. 

This is where the Coast Road is closest to the clifftops, between the Lime Kilns and the holiday park near the Marsden Grotto.

As part of this project a wider segregated footway / cycleway has been created alongside the new road.

Location map

A183 MAP

A183 Pink
Location of former road - now landscaped
A183 Grey
New road
A183 LightBlue
Footway / cycleway
A183 GreyHatch
Local realignment of bridleway
A183 LightGreen
Soft verge
A183 Green
Cutting / embankment


Work on the realigning scheme started in November 2022 and finished in August 2023.

Completion of the scheme was slightly delayed from the original finish date of June 2023. Poor weather held up progress, and in addition, we also revised our plans to keep the Coast Road open as much as possible while the work took place.

What has happened to the "old road"

Following diversion of the traffic onto the new alignment, the redundant section of the road has been removed and this area has been landscaped to return it to grassland.