Public Health news: Don't Wait Campaign

It's never too late to quit smoking

September 2022

Don't Wait Campaign

South Tyneside Council is backing the Don't Wait campaign which is reminding people of the risks of smoking and the benefits of stopping. Quitting smoking can bring benefits to almost anyone at any age as the body begins to recover within hours, days and weeks.

As well as improving health, stopping will save you money and can help reduce stress and anxiety. For support and to find out how much you could save visit FreshQuit.

Dr Ruth Sharrock, respiratory consultant, said: "Some people think it's too late to stop, or worry they will struggle to quit, but it is always worth trying. Each time you make a quit attempt, you are getting closer. The benefits of quitting are real. As well as reducing the risk of serious disease it can make you feel so much better, give you more energy and money and help you to breathe more easily."

Smoking causes 16 types of cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke and COPD and makes us more vulnerable to infectious diseases such as Covid and flu. Stopping smoking can also reduce stress and improve mental health with the benefits seen after just six weeks.

Your chances are improved if you use a quitting aid such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy or switching completely to vaping to reduce cravings. Your pharmacist or local stop smoking service can advise on the best quitting aids to help you.

In addition, your local Stop Smoking Service can help you develop a plan to help you stop. With their help, you're three times as likely to quit for good. Find at more at South Tyneside Stop Smoking Services.

The cost of living is a worry for everyone, but quitting smoking can save you a packet:

  • One week's savings - around £36.
  • Two weeks' savings - around £72.
  • Three weeks' savings - around £109.
  • Four weeks' savings - around £144
  • Six months' savings - around £949
  • One years' savings - around £1,899