Healthy Start Vitamins


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  2. Where to collect Healthy Start Vitamins


Anyone who lives in South Tyneside and is at least 10 weeks pregnant and / or has a child under 4 years old can claim free Healthy Start Vitamins every 8 weeks.

Healthy Start Vitamins are good for you and your family and will help your child to grow up healthy and strong.

Children's vitamins come in the form of drops and contain the recommended level of certain vitamins for children from birth to four years.

Adult vitamins come in tablet form and contain the recommended levels of beneficial vitamins for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For more information about Healthy Start Vitamins, see Healthy Start NHS: Getting vitamins.

Healthy Start vouchers

Healthy Start also has a programme that you can register to to receive free vouchers. These vouchers can be used on milk, as well as plain, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.

For more information on the programme including the eligibility criteria and how to apply, see Healthy Start.

Where to collect Healthy Start Vitamins

In South Tyneside, you can collect your vitamins from the following centres:

  • Maternity-Led Birthing Centre (South Tyneside Hospital), 0191 404 1033
  • Bede Family Hub, 0191 422 0030
  • Biddick Hall and Whiteleas Family Hub, 0191 423 4980
  • Boldon Family Hub, 0191 519 5920
  • Horsley Hill Family Hub, 0191 456 9404
  • Primrose Family Hub, 0191 424 4900
  • Riverside Family Hub, 0191 423 4971
  • South Tyneside Early Excellence Family Hub, 0191 428 7650

Vitamins can be collected from any of the above settings by dropping in or phoning to arrange a collection.

Vitamins are also available from selected food banks in the borough and from your health visitor.