Mental health and wellbeing

If your life is in danger

If you:

  • have harmed yourself
  • taken a drug overdose
  • feel like you may be about to harm yourself

Call 999 or go straight to A&E


  1. What mental health is
  2. Where you can get support

What mental health is

Mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Our mental health is how we are feeling inside and emotionally.

It can affect your ability to:

  • work
  • study
  • do the things you need and want to do
  • get along with others
  • look after yourself

Talking about your feelings and mental health can help.

If you are concerned about how you are feeling, there are lots of services that can help.

Where you can get help

There are many services that can help with your mental health.

List of mental health services

Help with suicidal thoughts

SHOUT - 24/7 text support service for anyone in the UK who is struggling to cope.

NHS Mental Health - Help with suicidal thoughts.

Online mental health support

Kooth - Free online support and counselling for ages 10-25.

Qwell - Free online support and counselling for people over the age of 18.