Residential disabled parking bays


  1. Who can apply
  2. Apply online
  3. Apply by post

Who can apply for a residential disabled parking bay

We can supply a residential disabled parking bay to you free of charge if:

  • You hold a valid 'Blue Badge' and live at the address where the parking bay is needed
  • You have no reasonable facility for off-street parking
  • You, or a carer living at the same address, regularly use the vehicle
  • The vehicle is registered at the address where the parking bay is needed
  • There is a suitable location within a reasonable distance of your home for us to place the parking bay

If your application is approved the parking bay will be advisory only. We can not offer any formal enforcement.

We are unable to place a residential disabled parking bay within a parking permit scheme, however Blue Badge holders can usually receive a permit free of charge. Read more about residential parking bays.

Apply online

To apply online, complete the form below. 

You will need to include scanned copies of: 

  1. Evidence of vehicle ownership (V5C)
  2. Sketch of off-street parking facilities at your home

Apply for a disabled parking bay

Apply by post

To apply by post, print out the form below, complete by hand, and return to: Parking Services, (FAO Mrs S Gray), Business Resources, Middlefields Site, Heddon Way, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE34 0NT

Please include a photocopy of your vehicle ownership (V5C) document.

Residential disabled parking bay application