Monkton Terrace footbridge refurbishment


  1. Overview
  2. What the project involved
  3. Location


The Monkton Terrace footbridges in Jarrow have fully reopened to the public after major refurbishment works were complete. 

Final minor finishing details, which will be carried out with the bridges open, will be complete in early 2024.

They closed to pedestrians in December 2021 after structural experts raised concerns about the condition of the parapets during routine safety inspections.

The footbridges provide a pedestrian route over an active railway line and are separate structures to the road bridge itself.

They are an important, heavily used route for people visiting Jarrow Shopping Centre, providing access to the nearby schools and local services as well as connecting our communities.

The work we have carried out will now ensure the route's long-term safety for many more years to come.

What the project involved

This has been quite a complex scheme, especially because the footbridges go over an active railway line which limited access.

The project involved the installation of specialist scaffold to make the footbridge supports safe, before permanent refurbishment works were carried out.

We worked hard to minimise disruption during the work, maintaining a walking route whenever possible.

A temporary footpath supported by traffic signals was put in place in the early stages. We then made the west bridge safe for use while permanent works were carried out on the east bridge.

The bridges reopened in December 2023 following the completion of the work.

We would like to thank you for your support during this project, and also thank Nexus who operate the Tyne and Wear Metro line beneath the footbridges.

Location of the footbridges

Monkton Terrace
Tyne and Wear
NE32 5BU