International Advanced Manufacturing Park Area Action Plan

Why an International Advanced Manufacturing Park?

Detailed analysis shows a real need for a large area of business space within the North East Region. There are particular demands for supply chain companies close to Nissan Motor Manufacturing. Over recent years a number of large investment projects have regretfully had to be turned away due to a shortage of suitable sites in the area.

How did the proposal come about?

South Tyneside in partnership with Sunderland were invited by the Government to put forward their growth plans under the second wave of the Government's City Deals programme, with Government approving the bid in June 2014. This enabled us to work closely together with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, towards on-going consideration and development of the International Advanced Manufacturing Park project. This will enable us to provide companies with the facilities to set-up and expand in the North East Region.

Why is it being proposed in this location?

Whilst every effort is made to use previously developed brownfield sites through sustainable and strategic approaches to planning, this analysis has concluded that the amount of land needed to ensure future regeneration and investment cannot be accommodated on these sites. This has resulted in the proposal to develop some areas previously designated as green belt.

Sunderland's draft Local Plan Core Strategy already proposes the allocation of a 20-25 hectare strategic employment sire on green belt just north of the Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant along side the A19. However due to the high demand for investment opportunities additional land would need to be brought forward to meet this demand and secure jobs well into the future.

How big is this proposed International Advanced Manufacturing Park expected to be?

The proposed park would be in the region of 100 hectares, providing over 7,850 jobs. However there is the possibility to allow scope for a potential longer term expansions up to 150 hectares if demand requires it. The park would provide modern business premises close to existing employers and would build on the region's advanced manufacturing heritage. The park would provide a range of building sizes to meet investor requirements.