Apply for new building works

Unauthorised works

Where unauthorised building works have been carried out, it may be possible for you to make a retrospective application.

Where the works were started within the preceding 12 months, the application should be in the form of a full plans application.

Where the works were started before that time and on or after 11 November 1985, an application may be made for a regularisation certificate.

This should be accompanied by plans detailing the work carried out and the relevant fee.

In each case it is likely that parts of the works will need to be uncovered or exposed in order to check for compliance with the relevant sections of the regulations.

We will advise you further on this point and on any further works  which may be required to secure compliance with the regulations following inspections of the works.

Once we are satisfied that the relevant regulations have been complied with we will issue you with a certificate.

How to report unauthorised works

If you suspect someone of carrying out unauthorised works, you can report it online.

Report unauthorised development