Apply for new building works


There are two ways of making an application for new works, depending on the type of building in question:

If any of the following types of building work are to be done, you must submit a full plans application.

  • Where the building use was previously designated under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 or was subject to the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997, as now controlled by the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform order 2005 and where the proposed work would adversely affect provisions for means of escape and / or access and facilities for the fire service
  • Work which includes the erection of a building fronting on to a private street
  • A new building or extension or underpinning of a building over or within 3 metres of the centre line of a public sewer (or any drain / sewer shown on the sewage undertakers map of sewers)

Submit your applications online (24 hours a day, 7 days a week): Submit-a-plan.

Full plans applications

To get formal approval before the work begins, you can submit a full plans application.

Decisions can take up to five weeks but are usually given much sooner.

Full details covering all aspects of your proposals should be submitted for approval by way of drawings / plans.

Once you have made a full plans submission you may submit a request building work inspection request 48 hours before the work starts.

In some cases we may need to consult the Fire Brigade to make sure that adequate fire precautions measures are provided.

When making a full plans application you should enclose the appropriate fee together with two copies of the drawings and if appropriate, structural calculations, giving full details of your proposals.

Where the building use is controlled by the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005, an additional copy of plans showing fire precautions should be submitted.

We will acknowledge your application within three days, letting you know if for any reason it is incomplete and we will give you the name of the surveyor dealing with your project.

We will only reject your application if it shows major contraventions of the building regulations.

Wherever possible we will approve it, if necessary with conditions where we need additional information or if minor changes are needed.

If you or your agent disagree with our decision you have the right to appeal to the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Full plans application

Building notice applications

This type of application is mainly intended for small scale domestic alterations.

You may submit a building notice application giving brief details of your proposal, with relevant drawings / plans.

Your application, fee and any block plan must all be submitted at least 48 hours before the work begins.

This procedure cannot be used for commercial premises which are subject to the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Building notice application