Choosing a builder

Cowboy alert

The following points are often telltale signs of the sort of builder you would not wish to use on a project. You will often find the following are not properly dealt with:

  • Not registered for charging and paying VAT
  • Not offer properly written quotations
  • Not have an office address or headed notepaper
  • Not be able to offer good references
  • Not carry third party insurance
  • Not want to sign any sort of contract but liable to wish being paid in cash before the project commences
  • Not employ properly trained labour
  • Not provide the standard of workmanship expected
  • Not provide an address in the event of complaints
  • Not comply with health and safety regulations

Beware if you choose to use a builder that falls within any or the majority of the above categories you are likely to end up with a more costly yet lower quality job.

Do not necessarily go for the cheapest quote, always check builder credentials.

South Tyneside operates a Safetrader scheme and some builders may be registered on this scheme. See .