1. Overview
  2. Support available


Dementia is caused by different diseases that damage the brain.

Dementia symptoms may be mild at first, but they can get worse over time and include:

  • memory loss
  • confusion and needing help with daily tasks
  • problems with speaking and understanding
  • changes in behaviour

There are many types of dementia but Alzheimer's disease is the most common.

Support available

With a diagnosis of dementia, it can be a challenging time, and it's hard to know where to look for help.

When you or a family member has been diagnosed with dementia, you're likely to have questions about the future and the sort of help and support available to you.

Below are some of the main sources of support that are available to help you and your family.

The Let's Talk Team can also provide up-to-date information, support, and advice or for further information see, NHS: Dementia.

The Herbert Protocol

A national scheme introduced by police which encourages carers to record useful information which could be used if a person with Dementia goes missing.

A form can be filled in and will provide essential information to police at an early stage. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe where you can easily find it if the person goes missing. Keep this information up to date whenever something changes. You only need to give the form to the police if the person goes missing.